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The GDG ABAKALIKI is a community of (and for) developers, designers, and tech enthusiasts. Experts and Newbies alike.

If you have questions regarding Google products or platforms or some Google API you just came across, or any technology-related discussions this is the right place. Ask questions and you will be sure to get responses from members of the community. 

Here we are one big tech family that looks out for each other, We share not only experiences, we share our future with technology. 

Disclaimer: GDG Abakaliki is an independent group; our activities and the opinions expressed here should in no way be linked to Google, the corporation. To learn more about the GDG program, visit

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Build with AI Abakaliki (Gemini)

Build with AI events are community-led technical workshops or hackathons hosted by Google Developer Groups (GDG). Events aim to help developers learn and apply their skills on GenAI trends and products from Google. Developers from all segments (including Backend, Android & Flutter devs) and all skill levels can benefit. We have a wide range of codelabs and material already available.

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Victor Ekeghe Mba

GDG Organizer
Nigeria Kids Can Code Academy

Ada Lucy Daniel

Design Instructor / Organizer Assistant
Nigeria Kids Can Code Academy

Ajah Elvis Uchechukwu

GDG Organiser

Ekebuisi Godswill

Team member


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