GDG Event Participation Terms

Welcome to the Google Developer Group program site.  Thanks for your interest in participating in a local GDG event.

Please read these GDG Event Participation terms (the “Terms”) carefully because they are the agreement between you and Google. By using or logging into (the “Site”) or participating in any GDG event you confirm that you understand and agree to these Terms.

Google may change these Terms from time to time. Revised Terms will be posted to the Site. 

GDG Community Entities

Please note that GDG chapters and GDG events are not hosted, organized, or run by Google or its affiliates. GDG chapters and GDG events are run by independent community organizers who are passionate about Google, our services and products. GDG community organizers are not agents or employees of Google and are not compensated by Google. The views expressed by GDG community organizers (or expressed by any other GDG members) do not necessarily reflect the views of Google. GDG organizers independently create and organize GDG events, manage GDG event registration, and communicate GDG event details.

Meeting Conduct

While GDG events have different purposes, all GDG organizers, GDG chapter members and attendees should maintain a friendly, safe, supportive and harassment-free environment and follow posted and/or applicable event guidelines, including the global community code of conduct.

Unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated. Anyone engaged in unacceptable behavior may be exited from the GDG(s), Site(s) or resources, including future event participation. Unacceptable behavior may also result in prohibition from registering for or attending future GDG events.

Assumption of Risk

Your participation in and attendance of a GDG event or any related activities is completely voluntary. To the maximum extent permitted under applicable law, you accept and assume all risks of any and all personal injury or damage to your personal property that you may face while attending a GDG event or related activities, and waive any claims against Google relating to such risks. 

Photo, Video and Other Media

GDG organizers, members, other GDG event attendees and/or Google may photograph, record (both audio and video), webcast, podcast during a GDG event. Your image, likeness, voice, statements and other identifying characteristics may be captured and transmitted as a result.  By attending and participating in a GDG event where such recording is taking place, as well as agreeing to these Terms, you authorize the recording and agree that Google may use such recorded content for any purpose without compensation to you. 

Email Settings

By joining a GDG event you may receive service-related emails regarding your participation in the GDG event, the GDG program and related activities from Google. 

By joining a GDG event, you may also receive emails from GDG organizers and GDG members. Any communications you receive from a GDG organizer or other GDG members are not sent by or on behalf of Google. Instead, they are sent by GDG organizers or GDG members in their individual capacities.

You can unsubscribe from emails sent by a GDG chapter any time by navigating to your GDG Member profile on the Site and adjusting your Updates settings or by using the opt-out mechanism in the footer of the GDG chapter email. If you unsubscribe from GDG chapter emails you may still receive emails for GDG events in which you agree to participate. 

Data Processing

By submitting your data on the Site at, you agree to have your event RSVP information collected by Google to share with local GDG organizers for the purpose of administering each GDG event. Google will use any information that you provide in connection with the GDG program in accordance with Google's Privacy Policy []. 


These Terms were last updated on June 12, 2020.