IWD Tlemcen 2018 - Building New Horizons

GDG Tlemcen
Sat, Mar 10, 2018, 8:03 AM (CET)

About this event

Au programme
-9h00 -> 9h15: Event Opening : Presentation of GDG+WTM+TechSquad by Abdessamad KAZI, Khadidja Nour BOUAYADI & Tech Squad Manager
-9h30 -> 9h50: Android Things
-9h50 -> 10h10: Search techniques by Sara MOUSSAOUI
-10h10 -> 10h30: Introduction to Design thinking by Khadidja Nour BOUAYADI
10h30 -> 11h30: Speechless by Mohamed Nor Islem Metalsi Tani
11h30 -> 12
12h ->13h: Break
13h -> 14h: Games, competition..
14 -> 14h30: Assume and Boost your femininity
14h30 -> 15h: Presentation by Kamila BEKKAI
15h->15h30: Women between their rights and reality by Zahra FACI
15h30-16h30: Technical Pannel Interview with inspiring women
16h30: Closing the event

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