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GDG Tlemcen: Empowering Tlemcen's Developer Community

Are you a developer, designer, or tech enthusiast based in Tlemcen?

GDG Tlemcen fosters a collaborative community for individuals passionate about advancing their technical expertise and exploring the latest advancements from Google. We provide a platform for continuous learning, knowledge sharing, and innovation within the Tlemcen tech scene.

🔹What We Offer🔹

♦️ Engaging Events:  Attend informative talks by industry experts, covering a wide range of Google technologies like Android, Flutter, and Cloud platforms.

♦️ Interactive Workshops: Develop your practical skills through hands-on sessions led by experienced facilitators.

♦️ Stimulating Challenges: Participate in hackathons to push your boundaries, collaborate with fellow developers, and create groundbreaking projects.

🔹Why Join Us🔹

♦️ Network and Connect: Build meaningful connections with like-minded individuals in Tlemcen's vibrant tech ecosystem.

♦️ Upskill and Advance: Continuously expand your knowledge base and refine your technical skillset through our events and workshops.

♦️ Contribute and Lead: Share your expertise and actively participate in shaping the future of Tlemcen's developer community.

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Upcoming events

20 abr 2024

Workshop / Study Group

IWD Impact The Future With AI

🚀 Join "Impact the Future with AI" – A day of AI mastery by GDG, Google Women Techmakers, and GDSC. Unleash Python's power, dive into Machine Learning, explore Deep Learning, and craft the future with Gen AI. Connect, innovate, and elevate your skills in this vibrant AI community. Reserve your spot and shape the future together! 🌟🤖💡 #AI #Innovation #FutureImpact

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