GDG Sudbury DevFest 2021

GDG Sudbury
Mon, Dec 20, 2021, 5:30 PM (EST)

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Hi Everyone,

During the workshop on Monday, December 20 at 5:30 PM Eastern we will be covering two topics:

1) Computer Control Using Arduino

2) Android Basics in Kotlin for Beginners

Sudbury Google Developer Group will be holding an optional, online workshop and we will be building a DIY version of the popular Stream Deck product. Our DIY control board will be made with standard push-button switches, an Arduino, and some code, allowing us to control our computers and software through USB.

This workshop is free and is open to anyone who wants to join.

If you would like to attend, please register using the following link:


You will need to ensure that you have an Arduino compatible development board, a USB cable for the Arduino, between five to ten momentary push button switches, appropriate cables/components to connect the switches to your Arduino, and a Windows 10 or 11 computer. We will be adding additional information to the event page (link above) over the next few days. These are the switches I will be using:

Thank you, and have a wonderful day!



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