Viber Android Meetup

GDG Minsk
Fri, Jul 27, 2018, 7:00 PM (GMT+3)

About this event

27th of July GDG Minsk together with Viber Media organize an Android Meetup in a new cosy Viber office.

Registration is required for participation:

As a confirmation we'll send you all the guides on how to get to the venue.


📌 Yonatan V. Levin
Google Developers Expert, Co-founder and CTO @ KolGene, Israel

«WTF with Android Background Restrictions»

With recent Android releases, the wild west of endless running threads is over.
No more smoking barrels of "last 5% battery".
You are required to act and seriously consider how you became the excellent citizen of Android device and play side by side with a marshal law of background tasks. Or die trying.
It's a talk we will explore how memory affect a background process, what solutions we have today and how new WorkManager can save our lives and galaxy :)

📌 Yegor Malyshev, Senior Android Developer @ Viber Media.

«A mysterious journey to MVP world»

A story full of pain and tears telling how to implement MVP for the big project with lots of legacy code and not die.


Registration of participants starts at 18.00, the beginning is at 19.00.
Venue: office of Viber Media (Nemiga street, 5).