Special Android Academy Event

GDG Minsk
Sun, Nov 18, 2018, 4:00 PM (GMT+3)

About this event


The Android Fundamentals is over! But we just started!
We are working very hard to organize an Advanced course. Meanwhile, we're very thrilled and happy to announce new meetup with 3 ❗speakers:

📌 "Android X 101" by Pavel Bogretsov, Wimix LLC

One of the biggest Android news at I/O this year was AndroidX which represents a new era for the Support Library. Pavel will dive in to show how we can migrate our projects to support this new approach. Want to know more what was exciting about this new update then come and check it.

📌 "Developing Software as a Self-employed in Belarus" by Vlad Zamskoi, Freelancer

Vlad will describe his fascinating story about the formation, design and working conditions of a freelancer. Many of us considered to be a freelancer but usually, lots of questions "how to" are raised which stops us from continuing. With Vlad, we are going to shed light on this problem and find out how he managed to resolve the issues along the way.

📌 "Fun Android Topic by our loved Yonatan Levin" by Yonatan Levin, Google Developer Expert

You know it's doesn't matter what exactly he is going to talk - it's going to be interesting :)

See you on time, we start sharp on time - 17 November, 16:00

The partner of the meetup is the company Flo: Technology. Flo is the world's fastest-growing health platform focused on women's health.

Thanks to the support of the company, we can develop and delight you with video recordings of reports, branded souvenirs.