[Android Advanced] Topic #6 — Optimization — Part 3 — Webinar

GDG Minsk
Thu, May 28, 2020, 7:00 PM (GMT+3)

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On May 28th (Thursday) webinar Android Advanced Topic #6 - Optimization - Part 3 - from Android Academy Minsk will be held.

FORMAT - webinar.

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SQLite is an SQL-based relational database management system (RDBMS) implemented as an embeddable library. It stores databases as discrete files, rather than relying on client-server model.

SQLite is commonly used in three ways:

1️⃣ Its ease of use is ideal for testing and protoyping databased-backed applications.
2️⃣ Because everything is stored locally, and the library itself can be embedded in an application, SQLite is often also used as the primary data store for small applications run locally by a single user. This includes applications like address books, to-do lists, or even email readers.
3️⃣ Finally, SQLite databases are often used as an application-specific file format. This is especially useful in applications where a saved file is a complex project, rather than a relatively simple document. In this case each file created by the application is actually an entire SQLite database.

Together with you, we will learn:

📋 Database Optimization
📌Android Studio Database Inspector Overview
📌SQLite database tools

📌ANDROID SQLite versions
📌Custom SQLite versions

📋 SQLite best practices
📌insert optimization
📌update optimization

📋 Database Indexes
📌B-tree index
📌Index Selectivity
📌Partial Index
📌Indexes On Expressions

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