[Android Advanced] Topic #3 - Dependency Injection

GDG Minsk
Mon, Mar 9, 2020, 7:00 PM (GMT+3)

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About this event

Dependency injection (DI) is a technique widely used in programming and well suited to Android development. By following the principles of DI, you lay the groundwork for good app architecture.

Implementing dependency injection provides you with the following advantages:
1)Reusability of code
2)Ease of refactoring
3)Ease of testing

Together with you, we will consider:

- What is DI, Introduction
- Relationship:

1)Cohesion, Coupling
2)Composition, Aggregation, Inheritance - dependency management
3)Benefits of using DI
4)Injection types

- Service Locator Introduction

1)Intro, what is it SL
2)Differences with DI

- Dagger 2

1)Main components: module(provide, binds), component.
3)Builders, Factory
5)Lazy & Provider

- Dagger 2 Generated code
- Dagger 2 Component Dependency

BTW, we create a telegram chat for the discussions!

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Android Academy team.