[Android Advanced] Topic #1 - Workshop Coroutines

GDG Minsk
Mon, Feb 17, 2020, 7:00 PM (GMT+3)

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About this event

Required knowledge: View Model, LiveData, Retrofit
We've prepared for you interesting and challenging task: the "Fast Finger" game. During the workshop we will go together thought the prepared project and implement the game step by step. Apart from game-play we'll work with network and database, that's why knowledge of Retrofit and Room is required. In-game chat will be the final task.
During the implementation you'll get real experience of: suspend functions, coroutines scopes, Room and Retrofit, Flows, Channels.
We expect troubles with internet connection, so you have to setup project in advance! See instructions in the project repository.

During the workshop students complete 3 tasks:

1.“Fast finger” game

Task covers:
a)suspend functions
c)view model scope

2.Network + Storage
Task covers:
a)Retrofit integration
b)Room integration

3.Super Simple Chat
Task covers:
a)Flow basics
c)BTW, we create a telegram chat for the discussions!

See you soon!
Android Academy team.

Great thanks to our partners Fitbit & EPAM!