Lets talk about identities and authentication : Self-Sovereign Identity

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Join GDG Gandhinagar for an enlightening evening focused on Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI). Explore the future of digital identity with our main speakers, Ronak and Mukund, who bring a wealth of experience in frontend, backend, and blockchain technology. Discover the essence of SSI, its technical intricacies, and real-world applications.

Jan 6, 4:30 – 7:00 AM


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About this event

Welcome to the GDG Gandhinagar meetup, where we dive into the intriguing world of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI)! The event promises a wealth of knowledge, networking opportunities, and exciting prospects.

Note : please arrive 15 mins before the meetup time for smooth event. 

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Opening Address by Shreyan Mehta:

Shreyan Mehta, our esteemed opener, will set the stage for an eventful evening. He'll reflect on the highlights of the past year and tantalize you with a glimpse of what you can expect in the year ahead. Get ready for some thrilling contests that are bound to keep you engaged and motivated throughout the event.

Parth Jansari's Exploration of Auth and SSO:

Our first speaker, Parth Jansari, will take you on a journey through the basics of Authentication and Single Sign-On. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, Parth's insights are sure to enrich your understanding of these critical concepts.

Meet the Main Session Speakers:

Ronak's Introduction:

Ronak, a Senior Software Developer at smartSense Consulting Solutions, brings over 9 years of experience to the table. With expertise spanning Frontend, Backend, and Blockchain technologies, Ronak is a true tech enthusiast. When he's not coding, he's exploring new horizons, both in terms of places and culinary delights.

Mukund's Introduction:

Mukund, another Senior Software Developer at smartSense Consulting Solutions, boasts over 8 years of experience in Frontend, Backend, and Blockchain technology. His passion lies in crafting high-performance systems, and he's dedicated to keeping his team up to date with the latest tech trends that will shape our future.

Main Session: Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI):

Prepare to delve deep into the captivating realm of Self-Sovereign Identity. During this session, we will explore:

  • What is Self-Sovereign Identity? Discover the essence of SSI and its significance in today's digital landscape.
  • SSI Conceptual Model: Gain insights into the foundational concepts and principles that underpin SSI.
  • SSI Technical Model: Dive into the technical aspects of SSI, unraveling the inner workings of this groundbreaking technology.
  • SSI by Example: Get a real-world perspective on how SSI can be applied through practical examples and use cases.

Please note that while this description provides a glimpse of what you can expect, the exact details may evolve before the event. Be sure to join us for an enlightening and dynamic exploration of Self-Sovereign Identity at GDG Gandhinagar's meetup!


4:30 AMIntro and Welcome by Shreyan Mehta
4:45 AMExploring Mystries of Social Auth
5:15 AMSelf-Sovereign Identity


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