Women Techmakers Hong Kong - International Women’s Day 2023

Google Hong Kong office, Level 21, Google Hong Kong office, Times Square Tower 2, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, 000000

Women Techmakers Ambassadors have been organizing International Women’s Day events globally since 2013, providing education, connection, and inspiration for local tech communities. This year's IWD theme is "Dare To Be," and the event will be held on March 25, 2023, at Google Hong Kong's office. The event is co-organized by GDG Hong Kong and GDG Cloud Hong Kong.

Mar 25, 2023, 1:30 – 10:30 AM


Key Themes

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About this event

Since 2013, Women Techmakers Ambassadors around the world have hosted thousands of events in celebration of International Women’s Day. Varying from large summits to intimate gatherings, these events provide education, connection and inspiration for local tech communities. The following statements enumerate the essence of the global theme of this year's IWD events, “Dare To Be”:

- We bravely set out to accomplish our goals
- We don’t let others dictate what we can or cannot be
- We are unapologetically ourselves
- We have the courage to stand up for what we believe
- We recognize everyone has something unique to contribute

…and ANYTHING you want it to be! 

In Hong Kong, the event will be held on March 25, 2023, from 9:30am to 6pm at Google Hong Kong office, and we are honored to have speakers from 9 different companies to share about their career stories, tips and industry insights!

The event is co-organized by GDG Hong Kong and GDG Cloud Hong Kong, with great support by IxDA Hong Kong, Explora, Subanana and ProductTank Hong Kong.

Points to note:

* Subject to venue and actual logistics, event details are subject to change.
* Only light refreshments will be provided.
* To fulfil Google Hong Kong office's security requirements, please RSVP at this page at least one day before the event. A full list of participant names will be shared with Google to print out name badges. Participants will need to wear the name badge at all time.
* Some sessions of the event will be live-streamed via Women Techmakers HK's facebook page. More details will be shared on our facebook page.


Introduction to Women Techmakers and International Women's Day, by Meg Jiang and WTM HK Organiser team
"Make that leap!" by Nancy Ting, Head of Consumer Marketing, Google
"Career, Confidence & Courage", by Charu Joshi, Head of Strategic Partnerships, APAC, Google
"Women Leadership in IT industry" by Disaree (DiDi) Wong, Country Manager, Google Cloud Hong Kong
Group Photo & Break
"Big data, Big courage", by Dora Tse, CEO, Explora
"Transforming Struggle into Growth" by Wendy Tam, Digital Experience Officer, SprintImpact
Lunch Break
"Cracking the Technical Interview", by Cristen Anderson Ho, Senior Software Engineer, Google
"Tech is not just Software Engineers: Other career paths you could pursue", by Lan Tran, Solutions Engineer, Advertising, Google
"The mental transition of returning from the work to being a student", by Yumi Or, Cloud Engineer Intern, Microfusion Technology
"Dare to be…Yourself", by CoCo Siu, Marketing Officer, Subanana / Datax
"Going Beyond the Interface: Understanding the Full Spectrum of User Experience", by Amy Ip, Lowene Chan, Ada Yuen, Candice Liu, Wendy Tam @ IxDA
"Panel Discussion: Dare to love ourselves" by Charu Joshi, Wendy Tam, Ada Yuen, Candice Liu, Amanda Lam


  • Meg Jiang


    Community Manager

  • Nancy Ting


    Head of Consumer Marketing

  • Charu Joshi


    Head of Strategic Partnerships, APAC

  • Disaree (DiDi) Wong

    Google Cloud Hong Kong

    Country Manager

  • Dora Tse



  • Wendy Tam


    Digital Experience Officer

  • Cristen Anderson Ho


    Senior Software Engineer

  • CoCo Siu

    Subanana / Datax

    Account Manager

  • Lan Tran


    Solutions Engineer, Advertising

  • Yumi Or

    Microfusion Technology Co., Ltd

    Cloud Engineer Intern (Multi-cloud certified)


  • Ada Yuen


    Managing Director / Senior Research Design Consultant

  • Amy Ip



  • Candice Liu

    HK Exchange

    Senior User Experience Designer

  • Lowene Chan

    Cathay Pacific

    Digital Experience Manager, Strategy and Design

  • Wendy Tam


    Digital Experience Officer

  • Melanie Chan

    WTM Hong Kong

    WTM Ambassador, WTM Hong Kong Organizer

  • Leonardo Lee

    GDG Cloud Hong Kong


  • Amanda Lam

    Women Techmakers Hong Kong


  • Luna Zhao

    Women Techmakers Hong Kong


  • Minna Tsang

    GDG Hong Kong



  • Charu Joshi


    Head of Strategic Partnerships, APAC

  • Wendy Tam


    Digital Experience Officer