Flutter Festival Hong Kong-Day 2 Dart null safety in Action+Flutter for Windows

GDG Cloud Hong Kong
Tue, Feb 22, 2022, 9:00 PM (HKT)

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*** All sessions are in CANTONESE (zh-yue-Hant-HK) ***

*** 此活動主要以廣東話/粵語進行 ***

GDG Cloud Hong Kong 聯同 Flutter Hong Kong 舉辦 Flutter Festivals Hong Kong!

歡迎各位參加Flutter活動! 讓大家一同探索最新Flutter 技術。Flutter Festivals 是一個社區主導的系列活動,開發者可以加入其中學習 Google 技術的基礎知識。 - 包含 Flutter、Firebase 和 Google Cloud 內容。 Codelab 更會獲得 Flutter開發經驗。

Flutter Festivals HongKong 內容:

Day 2 22 Feb, Workshop -Dart null safety in Action. Speaker: Crizant, + Flutter for Windows. Speaker: Ming

Content level: Beginner

Language: Cantonese(廣東話), with English slides


• GDG Cloud Hong Kong 跟 Flutter Hong Kong 是純社群活動 are independent developer community groups and are not related to Google, the company.

• 活動會錄影作教學用途

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