AMP Study Jam OnAir 廣東話 Part 2/2

GDG Cloud Hong Kong
Tue, Jul 7, 2020, 7:00 PM (HKT)

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About this event

*** All sessions are in CANTONESE (zh-yue-Hant-HK) ***
*** 此活動主要以廣東話/粵語進行 ***

AMP Study Jam OnAir 會分兩次舉行, 每次大約一小時。

Welcome to the free online Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) workshop (aka AMP Study Jam)!

AMP is an open-source custom web development framework created to speed up the loading time of web pages on mobile devices. AMP is an incubating project in the OpenJS Foundation:

AMP can help you create fast websites more quickly! In many ways, the Internet is the central hub for the world. Every day, more people from all over the world access information online. But many don’t use the Internet on lightning-fast connections or high-powered devices. When websites are developed only for the fastest connections and devices, the experience of many users suffers.

If you’re an experienced web developer, you can create rich, fast sites with less code. If you’re a new web developer, AMP helps you learn web development. If you know some HTML and CSS, you can use AMP to make an interactive website!

Who should attend?
AMP Study Jam is suited best for:
1) those just getting started with modern web development
2) those with programming experience in other JavaScript frameworks

What do you need?
A computer with audio and internet.

How do you join?
We'll add a link before the event starts.

Be a hero, start coding!

Content level: Beginner
Language: Cantonese(廣東話), with English slides

Guest Speaker: Lai Chung Him - A technophile who is excited about the future. Currently works as a full-stack developer. Experienced in web technologies and delved into app development with Flutter a year ago.

• GDG 是純社群活動 / GDG is an independent developer community group and is not related to Google, the company.
• 活動會錄影作教學用途

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