WTM Chennai December Meetup!

Thoughtworks Technologies (India) Pvt Ltd. - Ascendas International Tech Park, Zenith - 9th Floor Tharamani Road, Tharamani, Chennai, 600113 - View Map GDG Chennai
Sat, Dec 17, 2022, 2:00 PM (IST)

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About this event

Pertaining to the popular requests, we are proud to announce to carry on with our monthly series with - the WTM Chennai December meetup!

WTM is a program that provides visibility, community and resources for women in technology. The upcoming session plenary has a mix of talks ranging from Dialogflow ES and CX to clean code practices and principles. 

Speaker 1 - Mahalakshmi Hariharan

She started her career as a ML enthusiast and currently working as a machine learning engineer at Sutherland global services. She has about 3+ years of experience in the IT Industry. attend mostly all community events and won't hesitate to volunteer. Highly driven by the developer community, actively contributing to developer communities.

Session Title: Understanding Conversational AI

Session description: A session about Dialogflow ES and CX. Explains how chatbots changed over a period of time.

Speaker 2 - Namrutha Hari

Introduction: Student, GDSC Lead - SRM IST Ramapuram, Core Team - Dope DAO, ISO - IWC Cannanore

Session Title: Why are communities important for personal and social development?

Session description: Communities have been a constant source of inspiration for me since I was a young girl. Here, I find intelligent, strong, diverse people coming together to improve society while also planting seeds of long-lasting connections. Communities have served as a home for me, nurturing my identity as a responsible and proud woman. In the event, I would like to talk about my experiences with communities and how they can help people grow by providing a wide range of opportunities. Individually, we all get to develop a lot of skills just by delivering our personal knowledge or perspective about different topics and solutions to the society.

Speaker 3 - Madhumitha Prabakar

Madhumitha has been a technologist for the past eight years and has worked in a couple of areas, including backend, mobile, and infrastructure. She likes to learn, re-learn, course correct and shape her skills constantly.

Session Title: Clean I.T.

Session description: Pick any specialization, be it frontend, backend, mobile, infrastructure, or data; the process of writing clean code always stays alive. The code smells, clean code practices, and principles apply to any backend language and are also the crux of wherever we resort to. In this talk, we will explore the relevance of clean craftsmanship and the attitudinal deficiency that creates a gap between the principles in paper and the code in machines. 


Saturday, Dec 17
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM (IST)


Thoughtworks Technologies (India) Pvt Ltd.
Ascendas International Tech Park, Zenith - 9th Floor Tharamani Road, Tharamani, Chennai600113