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GDG Chennai is a volunteer-driven tech community intending to create a technology ecosystem in Chennai. We're one of the oldest GDGs in the world. We were started in 2010 as GTUG (Google Technologies User Group) Chennai by young professionals who wanted to promote the community culture and make Chennai the next technology hub. Over the years, we have hosted meetups, conferences, workshops, study jams, and hackathons with the idea that everyone should get the opportunity to learn from each other, express their thoughts, build together and contribute back to the community.

In 2012, GTUG was rebranded as GDG (Google Developer Groups) and became an official Google Developers program. All events that advocate or evangelize the products or mission of Google and its Google Developers program are funded and supported by Google's Developer Relations India.

With the trends changing in the last few years, we realize people do not attend meetups just for the content. They come to network and build connections. We were happy to see our members unconsciously make this shift. We wanted to catch up with that wind and take that direction since the community thinks that's the way forward. In the coming years, GDG Chennai will work with other communities, startup incubators, and accelerators in the city to be that platform to create networking opportunities for anyone interested in tech and who wants to build their ideas with the community. While we do all this, we want to ensure that our activities are accessible to everyone.


Willing to sponsor? Come talk to us.

Email: hello [at] gdgchennai [dot] in


  • As a sponsor, how can you help?
    • Our events come in all shapes and sizes. For most of these events, we will need venue and F&B support. For bigger events, we will have custom requirements. If you're interested in supporting us, email us, and we'll get back to you soon!
  • As a community, how can we help you?
    • Our community members are a mix of new talents, experienced professionals, and master consultants. Are you a company looking to find talent? Ask us on Discord.
    • Are you seeking support for using Google Developer technologies or improving existing systems or integrations with Google APIs? Reach out to us.
    • Do you want to present about an open-source or developer tool/platform you or your company built? Ask us.
    • Are you planning on hosting tech events in the city? We can help promote them in our community.
    • Does your company have internal meetups/diversity groups or communities? We would love to be present for talks or panels.

Disclaimer: GDG Chennai is an independent group; our activities and opinions should not be linked to Google, the corporation. To learn more about the GDG program, visit

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April Meetup 2024

Google Developer Groups Chennai - April Meetup

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Abhishek Mishra

Organizer | Engineer

Somasundaram Mahesh

Organizer | Android Dev

Naveen S

Organizer | Security Engineer

Hemapriya N


Tvisha raji

Volunteer | Student

Dhivya Krishna

Volunteer | Writer

Ramachandran A

Volunteer | ML enthusiast | Student

Hari Prasanth S


Karan Ganesan

Luma AI

Aravind Sekar

Design Lead & Volunteer @ GDG Chennai
Independent Consultant

Trishi Raj


Mahalakshmi Hariharan

Machine learning engineer
Sutherland global services


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