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We at WTM Chennai have planned to educate deprived working women with the education of how to use technology and applications such as G-Pay, Google Translators, Google Maps, Lens, YouTube, etc. in a more efficient and effective way.

Feb 24, 2023, 9:14 AM – Feb 28, 2023, 9:14 AM


Key Themes

AccessibilityCommunity BuildingInternational Women's Day

About this event

In celebration of International Women's Day, WTM Chennai invites you to participate in our #SheLearns campaign. β™₯

The campaign focuses on educating underprivileged women in your community on various tech apps such as G-Pay, G-Translators, G-Maps, YouTube, etc.

Simply record a video in less than a minute (like you’re interacting with the woman) or take a few pics, & share them with us via G-drive.😍

You can speak to at least one woman and a maximum of 7.

Whom to Educate?β™₯️

  • Woman Auto Drivers
  • Swiggy/Zomato Delivery Woman
  • Watchwoman
  • Women selling fruits/veg/flowers
  • Women who have roadside shops
  • Women sanitary workers
  • Women domestic helpers
  • Women factory workers
  • Women retailers
  • Etc.

What to educate?πŸ”₯

How to use Google Pay, YouTube, etc., efficiently and effectively.

Educate only on Google products?πŸ€”

Mostly, YES.

But once the one-min video is shot, you can talk to her about menstruation, mental health, listen to her problems, and so on.

How long?

That depends on how well you converse, and they understand. Apart from this, if she asks any other doubts on Instagram or Phone messages, you are free to explain to her.

Recording your video:

There are two ways to participate:πŸ˜€

  • You can upload your 1-min video on your personal account and send a collaboration request to the official WTM Chennai Instagram account.
  • Or, get a chance to be featured on the official WTM Youtube channel. - this can be done when you send your raw less than 1-min video. We will combine it with all others and upload it as a 3-min video on the official WTM YOUTUBE channel.

While shooting the video bytes, make sure to show your face, the woman’s face, and the mobile where G-products are being educated. Just 5 seconds on each is fine too.

What language?

You can speak with her in any language, but she should be able to understand the language.

You can do this from any region in India.🫰

Last date to submit the video:

February 28th, 2023

Let’s help underprivileged women get the privilege of exploring the different tech applications that can be used efficiently for regular usage.

Let’s get down on the ground to understand their understanding of tech.πŸ₯³

#WTMDareToBe #SheLearns #IWDWTMChennai #WTMChennai #IWD23 #TechforWomen #SocialDare

Still confused about how to shoot the video?

For sample videos, do email us or simply DM us via Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/wtm_chennai/



February 24 – 28, 2023
9:14 AM – 9:14 AM UTC


  • Dhivya Krishna


    Enterprise Marketer


  • Jayannth Venkat

  • Namrutha N

  • Ram R

  • Sruthy R

  • Tvisha Raji


Google Inc. logo

Google Inc.


  • Abhishek Mishra

    Organizer | Engineer

  • Somasundaram Mahesh

    Organizer | Android Dev

  • Naveen S


    Organizer | Security Engineer

  • Hemapriya N



  • Tvisha raji

    Volunteer | Student

  • Dhivya Krishna


    Volunteer | Writer

  • Ramachandran A

    Volunteer | ML enthusiast | Student

  • Hari Prasanth S



  • Karan Ganesan

    Luma AI


  • Aravind Sekar

    Independent Consultant

    Design Lead & Volunteer @ GDG Chennai

  • Trishi Raj



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