PyConf Hyderabad 2020 - In association with GDG Chennai

GDG Chennai
Dec 5 - 6, 2020, 11:00 AM (IST)

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PyConf Hyderabad is the regional gathering for the community that uses and develops the open-source Python Programming Language.

PyConf Hyderabad is organized by the Hyderabad Python User Group (HydPy) in association with GDG Chennai.
The conference will cover 4 Keynotes, 13 Talks and 6 Tutorials for 2 days.

HydPy is a community-driven group to promote Python in Hyderabad. HydPy has been conducting monthly Meetups & workshops in Hyderabad for the last 3+ years and it has over 12500 members on meetup. We work together with other communities in particular, python and in general Open Source Software (OSS) related groups within Hyderabad and the rest of India to further expand the usage and increase users of OSS.

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Note - Please note this is a placeholder event and RSVPing here doesn't give you access to the conference.