RamaTech "NLP best practices"

GDG Beja
Apr 15 - 16, 9:00 PM (CET)

About this event

Set a date 📅 for April 15th at 9pm, when we will have a second workshop:NLP best practicesđŸ’»đŸ˜Ž . Led by the talented trainer Nourchene FerchichiđŸ”„:

👉Machine Learning Engineer Machine Learning

👉Google Developer Expert

👉Solves multilingual Natural Language Processing(NLP), Automatic Speech Recognition(ASR) and Text To Speech(TTS) problems.

👉Teaches Machine Learning courses across multiple universities to deliver workshops and participates in worldwide tech conferences.

The event will be hosted by GDG Bizerte, GDG Beja and GDG Carthage.If you want to learn more about Machine Learning, this workshop is for you!😁

👉👉👉Signup here: http://bit.ly/3mq0Yd6

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  • Molk Saouabi

    Molk Saouabi


    Full stack developer intern

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  • Houssem Mezzi

    Houssem Mezzi


    Computer vision developer

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  • Awatef Riahi

    Awatef Riahi


    Full-Stack Developer

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  • Nouha Jaafar

    Nouha Jaafar


    Founder and UX Designer

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