Web Components & Polymer

GDG Austin
Thu, Jan 21, 2016, 7:00 PM (CST)

About this event

Learn the ins and outs of web components at this month's GDG meetup. Corey Butler will explain how to work with "raw" web component technology including Shadow DOM and Custom Elements. Corey will be followed by Pete Carapetyan will share his experience building PolyRest using Google's Polymer libraries for web components.

About Corey Butler

Corey is the author of the Fenix Web Server (fenixwebserver.com) and many Node.js tools/modules including NVM for Windows and native process runners for Windows/OSX/Linux. He is also the co-organizer of the Bleeding Edge Web meetup and a technical reviewer for Pragmatic Bookshelf (most recently Developing Android on Android). He can be found at github.com/coreybutler and coreybutler.com.

About Pete Carapetyan

Pete is a long long time developer who has grown to appreciate JavaScript.