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Disclaimer: GDG Austin is an independent group; our activities and the opinions expressed here should in no way be linked to Google, the corporation. To learn more about the GDG program, visit

Upcoming events

24 de jun. de 2024

Speaker Session / Tech Talk

Dive into Generative AI: Learn the Basics of the Gemini API

This introductory session will equip you with the foundational knowledge to navigate the Gemini API and unlock its potential for creative text generation and beyond. Whether you're a developer, or simply curious about AI, this talk will provide the essential building blocks to get you started.

25 de jun. de 2024

Workshop / Study Group

Certification Study Group - Pro Cloud Database Engineer - Informal Session #1

Certification Workshop for Google Certified Professional Cloud Database Engineer

26 de jun. de 2024

Speaker Session / Tech Talk

GDG Cloud Southlake #34: Neatsun Ziv: Automating Appsec

Are manual AppSec process bogging you down in too much noise and not enough signal? Can adding automation to your AppSec activities add value, make your life easier and your code in production more secure? ***SPECIAL MORNING SESSION 930a Central***

26 de jun. de 2024

Workshop / Study Group

Build with AI: Flutter + Gemini / Session #2

Come and join us in this series of hands-on workshop sessions where we build Flutter apps powered by Gemini and the Google AI Dart SDK!!

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Leopoldo Hernandez

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CEO & Founder
Whisler Inc

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Indie Developer


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