Room 1: Kotlin on Android & Room 2:Functional Reactive Programming in JavaScript

GDG Austin
Thu, Apr 14, 2016, 7:00 PM (CDT)

About this event

We're trying something new at the April meetup. One room will have a talk on writing Android apps in Kotlin. The other room will have a talk on Functional Reactive Programming using JavaScript.

Most of our members are either Android developers or JavaScript developers but each meetup is usually geared towards one group or the other. This month we're teaming up with the Austin Droids to have a meetup with two tracks.

Come to the talk you're interested in and meet local developers from both disciplines before and after.

Kotlin for Android

Jim Baca will be presenting on Kotlin, the new popular JVM language for faster easier Android development. Kotlin has now reached version 1.0. It is recommended by Jake Wharton and used by a number of companies including Prezi, GMC and 3D Robotics.

This presentation covers:
1) Why language choice matters
2) Kotlin syntax
3) Benefits of Kotlin

Jim has been an Android developer since 2010 working on different android apps in different fields such as entertainment, WiFi hardware management, video system surveillance and management, solar hardware installation and reporting. He actively publishes articles pertaining to Android such as and

Functional Reactive Programming by Example

Ryan Vice will show how to get up to speed on FRP and one-way data flows. The talk includes an introduction to FRP using RXJS and a comparison of three implementations of the same app. One implements Flux in React using Redux. The second uses RXJS and the third uses Bacon. The comparison will highlight the benefits of FRP over Flux.

Ryan is a software consultant with 16 years experience. He is founder of Vice Software LLC, a consulting company specializing in practical modern web development. He is the author of two books on architecture and programming including "Mastering React" (Packt Publishing Feb 2016).