Road to Google Developers Certification is a set of community-run events for developers who want to increase their knowledge about Google Cloud or prepare for a certification.

The events are hosted by Google Developer Groups, community-led groups that help local developers connect and learn more about Google technologies.

Learn together in a community to get support from experts and other fellow developers. Collaborate and network with like minded people. You don't have to take this journey alone!

Event Types

Whether you are at the beginning of your learning journey or many years along you can find the right format for you, among instructor-led hands-on workshops to certification study groups and coding challenges.

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Cloud Study Jams

Instructor-led workshops to learn more about Google Cloud and get practical experience.

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Certification Study Groups

Weekly sessions over 6 weeks to prepare for a Google Cloud certification. Join the online community for more support.

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Cloud Hero

Hands-on games where you can prove your skills and compete with other developers to complete labs in the fastest and most efficient way.

How does it work?


Check the list below and RSVP to an event close to you. Within 24 hours, you will get free access to Google Cloud training platform Cloud Skills Boost.

Join events

Attend in-person and online events to learn and get support from experts and fellow developers.

Keep learning

Continue to train on the Cloud Skills Boost platform and gain skill badges to showcase your knowledge.

Upcoming Events