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GDG Saarbrücken is an independent group; our activities and the opinions expressed here should in no way be linked to Google, the corporation. To learn more about the GDG program, visit

The creation of our group demonstrates the solidarity with this search, unspoken optimism and creativity inherent to the entire GDG community. Traditionally, at the first event we were greeted by GDG members from Mountain View and Krakow, San Francisco and Dnipro, Vilnius and Galway.

We understand that the global GDG community is going through a difficult time: two years without offline meetings due to the worldwide pandemic, and now the loss of home and loved ones, the dramatic disruption of everyday life for our fellow Ukrainians who are now at war. We understand that we are now building our global community together under new conditions, where many of the old methods will not work. We understand that this is a challenge for all of us.

For example, GDG Saarbruecken was created with the joint efforts of three colleagues from Ukraine, but we want the group to grow quickly into an international and intercultural project. Our goal is for GDG Saarbrücken to become just one of the international local groups working creatively, accumulating all the best of their cultures, just as our global community has always done.

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Volodymyr (Vlad) Ivanov

Founder and co-coordinator
GDG Saabrücken

Taisiia Romanovska

Technical writer, GDG Saarbrücken co-coordinator
AkknaTek GmbH

Anastasiia Chervotochenko

Programmer, GDG Saarbrücken students Co-organizer

Bayezid Hossen

GDG Saarbrücken Event co-organizer
Universität des Saarland

Nadiia Perekuta

Test Analyst GDG Saarbrücken co-organizer
GK Software SE

Amit Nair

UdS student, GDG Saarbrücken co-organizer


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