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  GDG Leuven - Independent, Inclusive, and Empowering 

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Welcome to GDG Leuven, a dynamic community of technology enthusiasts, developers, and innovators in the heart of Belgium. We are completely run by volunteers without any profit. We aim to provide a friendly and welcoming environment for our event attendees regardless of their background. 

The events can vary from featured Tech Talks (40 mins or more) to Short Talks (20 mins), Lightning Talks (5 mins) as well as focused ones like workshops, hackathons, study jams.


If you wish to be a *speaker* at one of our events: Let’s know via Speaker interest form: 


If you are a startup/educational institution/ nonprofit and you would like to host a workshop/technical talks as a partner with our community at your location: Let's know via collaboration form for hosts:

While we are open to speakers/sponsorships will not accept proposals that are:

🚫 Pitching/selling a company or a product. 

🚫 Lack balanced perspectives: GDG Leuven events with more than two participants are expected to avoid all-men or all-white panels.

🔊Volunteers We are on a look out for enthusiastic volunteers to join our events. Sign up here:

Why Volunteer? 

  • Stay at par with industry trends
  • Be a part of our exciting events to gain valuable experience and insights from tech experts.
  • Your Network is your Networth: Network with like-minded individuals.
  • Fun goodies and many surprises await our volunteers!

If you're a a tech enthusiast looking to make your mark, here's your chance! Students about to graduate are more than welcome.

Our Commitment to Diversity at Events:

In Europe, women comprise just over half of the population but represent only 15% of tech experts (18% in Belgium)*. As women organizers who have faced challenges in finding a platform among local data science communities that often lacked diversity commitments, we firmly believe in the strength of diverse voices and perspectives. Our public events are dedicated to bringing together relevant expertise and a balanced array of viewpoints, ensuring inclusivity and empowerment for all.


About WTM Belgium:

Google’s Women Techmakers program provides visibility, community, and resources for women in technology. WTM Belgium work in strong partnership with GDG Leuven to support female and gender diverse people in technology. 

Join us in our journey to create a tech community that values diversity and inclusion. We look forward to welcoming you at our upcoming events.

Who We Are:

GDG Leuven is a diverse and inclusive community that values diversity across intersectional dimensions, such as race, ethnicity, geographic location, and gender. At GDG Leuven, our mission is to connect, inspire, and empower individuals passionate about data science, AI/ML, cloud technology, software development, Android, and other Google-related technologies, such as Keras, Kotlin, Flutter, Firebase, Assistant, VR/AR, Wearables, design, Vertex AI, Kubernetes, Firebase, and more.

Our events, workshops, and meetups cater to everyone, whether you're a seasoned developer, a newcomer to the tech scene, or simply curious about the latest trends. 

Note: **WE RECOGNISE OURSELVES INDEPENDENT OF ANY BRAND** While we're not affiliated with Google, the corporation, our activities, and the opinions expressed here should in no way be linked to Google, the corporation.  To learn more about the GDG program supported by Google, please visit 

Join us on our journey to explore the world of Google technologies, create mutually beneficial experiences for both our community and participants, and share your knowledge with others. Together, we'll shape the future of technology in Leuven and beyond. We look forward to meeting you at our next event!

Why Join Us:

We bring a diverse group of people together to explore the ever-evolving world of Google technologies and to build amazing projects. We're committed to creating a mutually beneficial experience for both our community and participants. Becoming a part of GDG Leuven means gaining access to invaluable resources, networking opportunities, and *hands-on learning* experiences. We offer opportunities for you to:

- Connect with like-minded individuals

- Learn from experts in the field

- Stay updated on the latest industry developments

- Enhance your skills

- Launch new projects

- Make new friends in the tech community

-Earn some interesting swags!

Image Credits: Wikimedia.

Upcoming events

17 abr 2024

Info session

Bijeenkomst : Greet and Geek!

You want to get in touch with our gezellig GDG and/or Women Techmakers Community? You want to have a great evening with some nice drinks and talk about work, hobbies, technical stuff? Then you should join our 'Bijeenkomst : Greet and Geek!'. We want to meet somewhere in Leuven and have a great evening together in a cozy atmosphere. Registration and drinks are free.

24 abr 2024

Info session

Info Session: Certification Study Groups

Certification Study Group - Info session will provide more information and details about Google Cloud certifications and the Certification Study Groups.

15 may 2024

Workshop / Study Group

Build with AI series

Welcome to our cutting-edge series of Build with AI: Immerse yourself in a series of enlightening sessions, hackathon and technical talks delivered by industry pioneers and thought leaders. Explore the latest trends, breakthroughs, and real-world applications in open-source AI.!

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