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We've formed a team with the genuine intention of democratizing the knowledge we possess and collectively keeping up with technological advancements. Our vision is not to embark on something fleeting but to establish a lasting and reliable project with consistent outcomes. As technology professionals who love sharing knowledge, we aspire to support each team member in progressively learning more during our meetings, lectures, tech talks, webinars, or events, regardless of whether it falls within their area of expertise. Embracing new knowledge is of paramount importance, and it's what we aim to maintain on our journey.

So, gradually, as I'm starting this GDG chapter, there are various types of professionals in our team, ranging from experts to interns, including those who are unsure about which area to pursue within technology, and we are here to assist them. Furthermore, at GDG Cloud Brasília, there is no room for non-inclusion and non-diversity. There are members of the LGBTQIAPN+ community, Women (the majority of the members are women, which is rare to see in IT teams), and last but not least, people with black skin. 

We do not tolerate any form of prejudice or hate speech. 

Let's just discuss what we love in a friendly environment? 

You are invited to join! :)

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