Entreprenuer Meetup, meet, discuss and exchange opinions

GDG Zhuhai
Sun, Nov 19, 2017, 4:00 PM (CST)

About this event

Hi Guys, glad to become of the organizer of Zhuhai GDG group, eve without any IT experience. I would like to create the meetup called Entrepreneur meetup, to create a platform for ppl to come to share the opinions, ideas, suggestions on the current market, setting up companies, operation and etc...

To give participants the chance to discover more opportunities, broad views, making friends and partners.

嗨,很高兴成为珠海GDG集团的组织者一员,尽管我没有任何IT经验。我想创建一个名为创业者分享群,为参加者创造一个平台,分享当前市场的意见,想法,建议,设立公司,运营等。 让参与者有机会发现更多的机会,广泛的观点,交朋友和合作伙伴。