Technical SEO For Devs and Other Curious Tinkerers

Women Techmakers Zürich
Thu, Sep 20, 2018, 6:30 PM (CEST)

About this event

We are having the amazing Myriam Jessier all the way from Canada to teach us in a talk/workshop/QA about technical SEO. So please bring all your questions!

In order to attend this meetup we require that you enter your details in the rsvp. (security badges)

About the event:

This talk is short, solide recap of all important technical SEO points anyone creating a website needs to know. Most of think that some magical SEO plugin will fix everything...that’s not the case. Get a crashcourse on how to optimize your code to make it bot-friendly! If you grapply with online visibility or make sure your JS is read by Google, come on over.

About Myriam Jessier

If Myriam was a :
- museum piece : she'd be a T-rex fossil
- a book : Aloha from hell
- a condiment : wasabi mayonnaise

Myriam is :
- a technical marketer with arcane JS knowledge
- named her tiny wiener dog Fat Back instead of Chorizo
- has worked with AR, VR, EV, SEO and other industries with acronyms her mom doesn't care about


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