Rock, Scissors, Paper of Machine Learning!

Women Techmakers Fresno
Tue, Jul 9, 2019, 6:00 PM (PDT)

About this event

Rio Waller will discuss the basics of machine learning and demo creating a model to predict the classification of an input image as rock, paper or scissors.

6:00 to 6:15 - Meet and greet
6:15 to 6:20 - Who we are
6:20 to 6:30 - Rock Paper Scissors tournament!
6:30 to 6:45 - Sharing stories
6:45 to 7:45 - Rio's talk on code
7:45 to 8:00 - Wrap up


  • Rio Waller

    Rio Waller

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  • Anna Ingels

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  • Jennifer Brookshire

    Jennifer Brookshire


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  • Csaba Toth

    Csaba Toth


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