Android Worldwide 2023 January

Women Techmakers Fresno
Tue, Jan 31, 5:15 AM (PST)

About this event

With the help of many other communities from around the world, we're excited to be partners of the upcoming Android Worldwide event!

Agenda (PST):

  • 5:15am Measuring Mobile App Performance at Scale by Deepanshu and Anubhav Gupta

  • 6:00am Automating the real-user scenarios across multi-apps, and multi-devices by Anand Bagmar
  • 7:30am Android, Animations and Reduced Motion by Eeva-Jonna Panula
  • 8:30am Mobile Application Monitoring 101 by Lazar Nikolov
  • 9:30am App-etite for Destruction: a look into the cookbook of an attacker by Ingmar Dasseville
  • 10:30am Implementing KSP on an existing annotation processor by Stjepan Banek
  • 11:30pm What does the ideal collaboration between development and design look like? by Alexander Sokolinskiy and Daniela Netzel
  • 12:30pm How to become your app's 'security champion' by Ed Holloway-George
  • 1:30pm How we moved SDKs to Kotlin Multiplatform and saved the world (kind of) by Zachary Powell
  • 2:30pm High performance code sharing between Android, iOS and Web by Giovanni Laquidara
  • 4:00pm Baseline Profiles: a new way to improve app performance by Dariel Cruz Hdez
  • 5:00pm Becoming an Android librarian by Jaewoong Eum
  • 6:00pm Friendship ended with Clean Code by David Rawson
  • 7:00pm Architecture testing for Android with ArchUnit by Isaac Udy




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    Shalom Halbert


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