WTMB: JavaScript Study Group

Women Techmakers Berlin
Thu, Apr 26, 2018, 7:00 PM (CEST)

About this event

Welcome to Women Techmakers Berlin's Study Group!

We will meet every other week over the course of 3 months to work on our projects on a bi-weekly basis, just you, your project, the instructors and a whole-lotta-mate!

The format is all hands on: you can bring an existing project, whether from last year's course, or your own, or even come without an idea - we'll brainstorm together. Alone or in a pair, anything works.

You'll get a nice working environment, comfy seating, good wifi, drinks, snacks and brilliant instructors.

The purpose is to work on your project, and have something nice to show at our graduation event!

You're also welcome to join the JS Slack in the WTMB Slack, and ask your questions outside of study group hours too.

The course will be instructed by a team of developers, headed by Armaan Amcalar, Head of Software Engineering at Unu GmbH (https://unumotors.com), and will be hosted at the Le Wagon offices.


- Some previous programming knowledge would be really useful. You are encouraged, but don't have to, use our material from last year (http://wtmberlin.com/javascript-crash-course/) and this year (it will be on our website soon: http://wtmberlin.com)
- It's completely free
- Ideally you'll keep working on your project at home
- There will be drinks and snacks
- All genders are welcome
- RSVP opens for the next meetup opens one week in advance, you can RSVP during class


Feb 22: Study group start
Mar 1: Study group
Mar 6: Study group
Mar 15: JS Part 2: Design Patterns
Mar 20: JS Part 2: Lecture 1
Mar 29: Study group
Apr 5: JS Part 2: Lecture 2
Apr 12: Study group
Apr 17: JS Part 2: Lecture 3
Apr 26: Study group
May 3: JS Part 2: Lecture 4
May 10: Final study group


Armagan is a software architect from Berlin and currently works as the Head of Software Engineering at unu GmbH.

Following the software craftsmanship philosophy, he has taught over 40 young engineering graduates on software and helped them enter the software industry.

For the last four years, he has been focusing on distributed cloud architectures and developed among many others an open-source framework, cote.js, for building microservices with Node.js.

Follow Armagan on twitter (https://twitter.com/dashersw), github (https://github.com/dashersw) or on his own blog (https://arm.ag).


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