WTMB: JavaScript Crash Course Vol.2 Lecture 3: Promises and Async Programming

Women Techmakers Berlin
Wed, Oct 24, 2018, 6:30 PM (CEST)

About this event

Welcome to Women Techmakers Berlin's JavaScript autumn course! For this meetup, we teamed up with Codemotion. Use the following code, to get a 20% discount on conference tickets:

The course will be spread over 8 weekly meetings, we will go from learning the fundamentals to having your very own backend application deployed with Docker.

Maria Ovsyannikova, co-organizer: I am one of the graduates from the first edition. After finishing the course I got a 6-month internship position. I currently work as a full-time Junior Full-stack Software Engineer.

Lecture 3: Promises and Async Programming
This session focuses on solving the challenges of asynchronous programming with certain constructs in Node.js — promises, async and await keywords. We discuss how each implementation enables a certain way of programming, and introduce a control flow library called async. We also touch upon streams and stream programming.

Here is our Syllabus (http://wtmberlin.com/javascript-crash-course/).

The course will be instructed by a team of developers, headed by Armağan Amcalar, Head of Software Engineering at unu GmbH (https://unumotors.com), and will be hosted at Eurostaff, in Mitte on Wednesdays.

Course description:
This is a course designed for introducing JavaScript and Node.js as a platform for backend applications. It assumes that you know basic concepts of (object oriented) programming but we will start from the beginner level and build up. So, the more programming experience, the better — but total newbies are also welcome, provided that they invest the required amount of time for self-learning.

The course is designed around open-source technologies, so a Unix-like system, Linux or MacOS is preferred. Git and Visual Studio Code will be our main tools, along with Node.js. Windows is not preferred, but if you absolutely have to live on Windows, you should have a working git and Node.js installation, and the rest will work.

- #js-crash-course on our slack
- Some previous programming knowledge would be really useful
- It's completely free
- It's both for beginners and not-so beginners
- Ideally you'll keep working on your project at home
- We are meeting every WEDNESDAY until 5th of December
- The meetups at the Eurostaff office
- There will be drinks and snacks
- All genders are welcome
- RSVP opens one week in advance

About our Head of Instructors
Armagan is a software architect from Berlin and currently works as the Head of Software Engineering at unu GmbH.

Following the software craftsmanship philosophy, he has taught over 40 young engineering graduates on software and helped them enter the software industry.

For the last five years, he has been focusing on distributed cloud architectures and developed among many others an open-source framework, cote.js, for building microservices with Node.js.

Follow Armagan on twitter.com/dashersw, https://github.com/dashersw or on his own blog https://arm.ag.

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