[ONLINE EVENT] International Women's Day - the main event!

Women Techmakers Berlin
Sun, Mar 15, 2020, 10:00 AM (CET)

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About this event


Join us for the our 6th birthday!
In this event we're also celebrating the International Women's Day


- Great talks by great speakers, all online streamed and recorded
- Networking on our slack
- Career coaching chats on our slack


10:00-10:25 Welcome and Tntro to WTM / Natalie Pistunovich
10:30-10:55 How I Tripled My Salary in 5 Years / Ela Krief
11:00-11:25 The Art of Crafting Sustainable Software / Shyamala Umamaheswaran
11:30-11:55 My Career: A Steep Learning Curve / Dr. Lina Yassin
12:00-13:30 Lunch Break
13:30-13:55 Zero to Hero - Testing the Flow of Life / Margherita Terzi
14:00-14:25 Serendipity, Synergy and Science
14:30-15:00 Rethinking Ethics in Tech / Elisa Czerski
15:00-16:00 Career Matching on Slack [registration link coming soon!]


→ Ela Krief - An independent Career mentor and sales consultant, former VP Client Operations & Partnerships @ Adikteev

Ela Krief is a career mentor and an independent sales and business consultant. She facilitated the rapid growth of startups, interviewed hundreds and hired dozens. She led client-facing teams in several tech companies. Her focus is on whitespace planning, customer success and retention, operational excellence, change management and implementing an unbiased hiring scheme.

→ Shyamala Umamaheswaran - Software Engineer @ Volkswagen Digital:Lab

Shyamala is a Software Engineer at Volkswagen Digital:Lab Berlin. She's been passionate about software development and working in tech for a decade now. She is a public speaker and a blogger. Thrilled by the tech scene in Berlin, she loves to host meetups after work at Digital:Lab.

→ Dr. Lina Yassin - Lead Agile Coach @ Delivery Hero

Dr. Lina Yassin is a neuroscientist, researcher and Agile enabler. At her current job at Delivery Hero, she leads the Agile chapter driving culture, promoting team’s self-organisation, performance and
growth at scale. She is keen on bringing the accuracy of a scientist, the creativity of a theatre enthusiast and the systematic approach of a teacher to create better services that will empower people.

→ Margherita Terzi - QA Analyst @ Delivery Hero

Resilience, persistence and positivity are what brought Margherita to where she is today. Starting out as a nearly homeless broke music journalist writing for free while working late nights in gastronomy, she made her way to an exciting position in one of the most successful companies in the Berlin tech scene.

→ Dr. Rocío Hidalgo, PhD - Co-founder & CTO of Nostos Genomics

Rocío Acuña Hidalgo is a medical doctor-turned-scientist-turned-entrepreneur. After several years in healthcare and genetics research, she started working with people living with rare diseases and joined them on a journey full of serendipity, synergy and science. As the co-founder and CTO of Nostos Genomics, she is developing solutions that bring together synthetic biology and artificial intelligence to help people with rare diseases receive better medical care.

→ Elisa Czerski - Bioethics & Ethics of AI Expert | RethinkEthics.org Founder

Elisa is an economist and a philosopher. Her work focuses on dealing with questions of medical and bioethics as well as artificial intelligence. Currently she is devoting her time to building a non-profit think tank (Rethinkethics.org) on the topics of ethics & tech and advising companies on how to implement ethics and sustainability in their corporate strategy.


We have been encouraging diversity in tech in Berlin since 2015. Get visibility, networking & resources to make Berlin's tech community more diverse & inclusive! Whether a WTM member, or a complete newbie - join us! Our Meetups are always open & inclusive to people of all backgrounds - everyone is welcome ❤

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