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Women Techmakers Berlin
Wed, Jun 20, 2018, 6:30 PM (CEST)

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Dear hardwarians and softwarians,

In today’s technological era, hardware and software co-design has become an irreversible path in product creation. Take your phone for example, and the challenge faced by product designers in updating hardware and software to continuously satisfy our demands for the latest surprise. How do we decide which of the two is more important? How do we ensure neither takes centre stage, but both marry together to complement one other?
We’re gathering together to discuss what it takes to build successful hardware and software products. What are the challenges faced by mechanical and software engineers; how do we combine best practices from both to marry them into one successful entity? We invite everyone interested in software, hardware, product design and co-design to share their experiences and thoughts with us, and hear from the leading women in Berlin’s hardware, software and hybrid start-ups.

18.30 - 19.00: Networking over drinks and snacks
19.00 - 19.15: 1aim Intro
19:15 - 19:20: WTM Berlin Intro
19.20 - 20.15: Talks with Q&As
20.15 - 21.30: Drinks, food and networking

Come join us to talk, share ideas, and hear from the women behind Berlin’s hardware and software start-ups!

Jessica Eyer - Lead Mechanical Engineer at 1aim
Talk title: “I need my space - the battle between electrical requirements and mechanical space”
Talk description: Discussion on PCB layout process
Bio: Jessica Eyer is a Senior Mechanical Engineer at 1aim. She lives in Berlin with her husband and 2 year-old daughter and remains happily oblivious of Twitter

Marian Montagnino - Software Engineer at GrayMeta
Title: Computer Vision and Go
Description: Computer vision is one of the strongest drivers of tech innovation today.
By teaching a computer to intelligently recognize the objects it encounters, an immense knowledge is gained about
the world around us.
Join this talk to learn how to develop your own Go applications for object detection.

Sophie Willborn - Founder at Headwave
Talk title: “How to not die from featuritis?”
Talk description: Everyone is trying to add more and more features to products. But that’s what kills it eventually. They key is to focus on the one thing the product is made for and to build a culture around it.
Bio: Sophie is in love with motorbikes …and to be able to listen to music while riding she invented a special loudspeaker for helmets. She is a mechanical engineer and the founder and CEO of Headwave. Sophie is a playful and bright person who loves people who don’t take life too seriously.

★ About 1AIM ★
1aim is redefining buildings. We provide businesses with a full-stack platform that optimizes and automates building management. With our secure access and identity solution, intelligent sensors and superior data analysis software, we are launching the digital era of buildings. We believe buildings should be more than static costly structures which is why our platform enables simple building management and superior user experience.

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