Android GDG Meetup @ Airbnb [External RSVP]

GDG San Francisco Android
Thu, Aug 29, 2019, 6:00 PM (PDT)

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Join us on Thursday, August 29th at the Airbnb San Francisco office for our next GDG Android meet-up. We will have engineers from the Mobile Tools and Native Infrastructure teams to talk about build speed improvements, app size reductions, and more!

6pm - 6:45pm - Check-in/Socializing/Networking
6:45 - 6:50pm - Announcements
6:50pm - 8pm - Android talks + Q&A
8pm - 8:30pm - Socializing/Networking


Michael Dang - Mobile Tools
Michael is an engineer on the Mobile Tools team, focusing on the Android Developer's developing experience.
Talk: Build time improvements
Description: We'll go into how we improved our build times via Gradle's implementation dependency configuration and remote build caching.

Andreas Rossbacher - Native Infrastructure
Andreas is an engineer on the Native Infrastructure team. Providing app infrastructure for the Airbnb feature teams.
Talk: Halving the crash rate of the Airbnb app
Description: How we tracked down a native crash in the Skia Gfx subsystem to half the crash rate of the Airbnb Android app

Adell Hanson-Kahn - Native Infrastructure
Adell is an engineer on the Native Infrastructure team; Increasing developer leverage, elevating quality sustainably, and owning shared infrastructure for native apps.
Talk: Easier cross-module Plugins and PluginPoints in Android
Description: Modularization! Annotation processing! Dagger! Multibinding!

Nathanael Silverman - UX Platform
Nathanael works on Android UI infrastructure, including building tools to support Airbnb's design system.
Talk: These Weird Design System Tricks Will Change Your Life
Description: What makes Airbnb's design system unique? How does it translate into efficient engineering? Notably, we'll look at some tools that our UX Platform team provides for Android specifically.

Join us for food & drinks at 6pm. Please note, the talks will begin at 6:45pm so arrive before then.

An RSVP is required to attend. You will receive a confirmation email if you register correctly. Please also be sure to bring a government issued ID, as you will need this upon check-in.

Thank you, and we look forward to hosting you!