Kotlin's here! @ Sogeti

The Dutch Android User Group
Thu, Aug 24, 2017, 5:00 PM (CEST)

About this event

Many of us asked for it and finally it’s here! At this year’s Google I/O Kotlin was announced as a fully supported language for developing Android apps.

So let’s dig in! Let’s see what we can do with Kotlin.

Join us for talks about Kotlin in general and how we can use it for developing apps.

Rene de Groot - Everyday Kotlin
With domain languages, lamda's. coroutines, tail recursions, operator overloading  and (weird) JVM-annotations Kotlin might seem overwhelming. So lets take a look at everyday Android development and how Kotlin helps you there. We take a look on how your knowledge of Java and Java best practises puts in an advantage when programming in Kotlin.

Serj Lotutovici - Getting Schwifty: Functional Programming with Kotlin
Writing good software is hard, writing bug free software is next to impossible, but that doesn’t mean that we should never tend to that mythical abstract of `fun` and sustainable code. Add multithreading, state management and a pile of interconnected components to your system and you’ll find that functional programming is your best bet against the vicious spaghetti monster. So, let’s take off… our hats, and get schwifty with Kotlin.

Simon Vergauwen - Sealing in the flavor with Kotlin
Kotlin brings sealed classes and functional programming paradigms to the table. A type safe design can do miracles for your codebase so let's take a look how we can model runtime errors in our type system and what advantages FP concepts offer.

17:00 Doors open 
17:30 Dinner 
18:15 Opening 
18:30 Rene de Groot 
19:15 Simon Vergauwen  
20:00 Break 
20:15 Serj Lotutovici 
21:00 Drinks 
21:45 Lights out

Getting there
There will be parking spots available at Sogeti. Still we'd recommended to come by public transportation. Sogeti is very well accessible by public transportation. From the train station Amersfoort Schothorst it's only a 5 minute walk.