How to be a happy developer and is it time to learn Flutter? @ ANWB

The Dutch Android User Group
Thu, Sep 5, 2019, 5:30 PM (CEST)

About this event

The September meetup will be hosted at the office of ANWB in The Hague! With this time a talk about Flutter by Andras Kurucz and David Broza, engineers at ANWB and a talk about developer happiness by Thijs of Q42.

TALK 1: Is it time to learn Flutter? - Andras Kurucz & David Broza

Flutter is another cross-platform mobile development framework booming in the market recently. Native App development always proved to be better, but since Flutter apps landed in app stores, there is no way to tell whether they were built with Flutter or natively.

What is it that makes Flutter feel so native? Can we replace our Native app with Flutter?

At ANWB we support 5 different apps at the moment, all of them are built natively for Android and iOS. Unifying the stack for one or more of those can sound like the dream to increase our productivity. Flutter is still in an early phase, but the new packages are growing rapidly and they are adding support for more and more things.

TALK 2: Nerds can make or break a product - Thijs Suijten

Have you ever been working on features you don’t believe in? Experienced development teams not aligned with the business? I’ve seen it all...
I’ve learnt, we as engineers can make a huge difference in building successful products. Not just by writing code but by stepping over your own bounds and breaking free from your “software developer” label.
In this talk I’ll share my insights, so you can make more impact in building successful products and be a happier developer yourself.

17:30 Doors open
18:00 Food
18:40 Short introduction DutchAUG + ANWB
18:45 Talk 1
19:30 Pauze
19:45 Talk 2
20:30-21:00 Drinks

Free parking is available on the premises