Special event: Google Cloud Platform

GDG Twin Cities
Tue, Feb 26, 2019, 6:00 PM (CST)

About this event

We have three talks lined up for this special meetup, with Google Speakers (Wesley Chun, Ryan Matsumoto, and Marc Cohen).

1) Cloud computing and Introduction to Google Cloud (Wesley Chun)

Cloud computing has taken over industry by storm, yet there are still those confused by what it means. Is it getting VMs and your stack running on it? Is it switching from Microsoft Word to Google Docs? What if I'm a developer who wants to avoid doing DevOps work and just get their code online and accessible globally as quickly as possible? This session begins with a (believe it or not) vendor-agnostic, high-level overview of cloud computing, including its three primary service levels. This is followed by an overview of Google Cloud, its plethora of APIs from both GCP & G Suite, and which products serve at which cloud service levels. This session is followed by deeper dives into our serverless and ML/AI APIs.

2) Running code using Google Cloud serverless (Ryan Matsumoto)

Learn more about Google Cloud Platform's serverless computing products: App Engine and Cloud Functions. We'll cover advantages of serverless computing, key features, and demos to show you how to get started.

3) Democratizing AI (Marc Cohen)

An overview of Google's Cloud AI services in three parts: 1) access rich, pre-trained models via simple API calls, 2) deploy your own TensorFlow or Keras models to train and serve in the cloud, and 3) AutoML, which offers a balance between ease of use and customizability.

I hope you can join us for this special event.

Thank you to our sponsor Agosto for the presentation room and food.


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