Workshop: Introduction to Kotlin & TornadoFX

GDG Chicago
Wed, Aug 22, 2018, 6:00 PM (CDT)

About this event

***Hands-on Kotlin & TornadoFX Workshop Setup:

In a world where everyone and their mother uses web development, a quiet grassroots movement is bringing back native development. Whether you're brand-new to coding, or you just have framework fatigue, native desktop development can be used to create internal solutions in lieu of needless/repetitive work across any industry. TornadoFX is so easy and fun to pick up anyone could get into coding while simultaneously automating solutions in their everyday work.

TornadoFX is a great way to start learning Kotlin without being bogged down by servers or mobile or web development. You're not required to know JavaFX to start native application development, and there's a plethora of material out there.

Come join us in creating a scheduling application for the neighborhood cat-sitter, who needs to keep track feeding up to 8 cats on any given day.

Bring a laptop if you can!

Amanda Hinchman-Dominguez, Software Engineer at Yello, is a Grinnell '17 alum from the sunny state of Florida. Merely at the beginning but specializes in UI development producing large-scale projects in sales enablement.

Experienced in data-driven development and analysis in social inquiry, native, web, and Android development. More notably a sculpture artist.

6:00 - Food & networking
6:30 - Welcome & announcements
6:45 - Introduction to Kotlin & TornadoFX with Amanda Hinchman-Dominguez