Intro to Flutter: Is Flutter truly that easy?

GDG Chicago
Wed, Jun 26, 2019, 6:00 PM (CDT)

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6-6:30 Food, Drinks and Socializing
6:30-7:15 Is Flutter truly that easy? Presented by Jorge Coca

About the talk:
If you are developer, chances are that you’ve heard about Flutter, either at Google I/O, or one of your colleagues told you about, or you’ve read a Medium article… but, what’s all this fuzz? Isn’t Flutter yet another cross platform promising a single codebase that can run anywhere? Pufff, we’ve seen that already, and it never works…
… except that this time IT WORKS! And not only for mobile apps, but also for desktop and web apps! In this talk, let me show how easy it is to get a Flutter app up and running, explore some of the core concepts of the framework and understand why this time Flutter is the truly “write once, run everywhere” framework.

About the speaker:
Jorge Coca is a spanish engineer lost in Chicago. He is writing the book "Dart 2 In Action" for Manning Publications. He works at BMW, in the mobile core team, developing the Connected experiences for BMW and MINI. Prior to that, he was the Android dev. Now, he is the Flutter dev. he loves working with the community, and has the pleasure of running the Chicago Flutter Meetup, where we work all together to build a welcoming environment for everyone interested in Flutter and Dart.


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