Intro to Flutter & Study Jam Sessions

GDG Columbia
Thu, Nov 15, 2018, 6:00 PM (EST)

About this event

We are going to have an Intro to Flutter development, and then follow it with a series of weekly Flutter Study Jam sessions.

A more detailed timeline for the Study Jam style sessions will be announced during this starting Meetup. Here is a short list covering what we are planning.
A Flutter Meetup - Installation, setup and first apps.
Hangout session each week following the Meetup - To discuss the next steps, assignments and challenges to code.
Slack channel discussions any day between the weekly Hangouts - To provide feedback, suggestions and assistance on the assignments and challenges.
As long as there is interest in the Hangouts and Slack channel, we will continue the Study Jam sessions.
Updates on the Study Jam during future Meetup events.

Slack Channels

In the spring of 2018, Google announced the Flutter SDK Beta and developers have started to deploy applications to the Play Store and App Store.

Flutter SDK Timeline
February 2018 - Beta 1 - Launch announcement of the Flutter SDK for Android and iOS application development
April 2018 - Beta 2 - Improvements and Dart 2 enabled by default
July 2018 - Release Preview 1 - Bug fixes, stability and numerous new features
September 2018 - Release Preview 2 - Focused on iOS support