GDG DevFest - 2017

GDG Cloud Vancouver
Sat, Oct 14, 2017, 9:00 AM (PDT)

About this event

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GDG DevFest 2017 is our annual all-day developer conference that offers speaker sessions across multiple product areas, code labs, hackathon and more!

We will be covering the technologies regarding application development such as Flutter, Firebase, Android and Progressive Web Apps as well as how to scale those with backend services and cloud. We will talk about web-backends, Kubernetes and internet-of-things as well as data processing, dev-ops best practices and machine learning using Tensorflow.


• Josh Gordon - Developer Advocate for Tensorflow at Google

• Dana Hoffman - Software Engineer for Google Cloud at Google

• Hussein Hallak - GM at Launch Academy, Vancouver

• Kiana Mohseni - Senior Director of Development at HootSuite

• Jeremy Wilken - Google Developer Expert for Web and Angular

• Casey Yee - UX Engineer on the VR/AR team at Mozilla

• Drew Ogryzek - Lead organizer of HackerNest Vancouver

• Faisal Abid - Google Developer Expert for Web and Flutter

• Nishant Srivastava - Senior Software Developer at Omni Labs

• Alim Jaffer - VP Product at Heroic Labs

• Melissa Dex Guzman - Vancouver VR community lead

• Vikram Tiwari - Google Developer Expert for Google Cloud

Final Itinerary:

Event Space Map

Green: Cloud Track

Blue: App Track

Gray: Common Area

Orange: Team/Speakers Access

We are excited to have you all. Please be excellent to each other during the event. :)