Python for security professionals December 2019 Meetup: WTM Baroda

GDG Baroda
Sun, Dec 8, 2019, 12:00 PM (IST)

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We are proud to announce December meetup discussing about why Python is important in security. Learning, organized by Women Techmakers Baroda & Google Developers Group Baroda.

Speaker: Aashee Shrivastava

Aashee Shrivastava is pursuing Computer Science Engineering from Parul University. She has worked on many mini projects like developing an application that can scan viruses using java, created a Google extension for the same. Passionate about learning how vulnerable our system are and the way in which we can secure them.

We will be creating few tools and will also find and remove meta data, and will collect details about computer system on network and services running on its open ports .
1.Intro to python:- functions of python that play role in penetration testing
Basic concepts of python to advance script with focus on networking and security
2. Why is python important for security?
3. Banner grabbing:- developing a banner grabber with python
4. Nmap:- using nmap in python, nmap methods, creating nmap port scanner
5. Brute force password cracker .
6. Using pygeoIP to correlate ip to physical location
7. Finding meta data in image:- extracting meta data from image with python imaging library
8. Editing n removing meta data in image using python n pyexiv2 library.

Laptop and internet is required as this is a workshop session.


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