What's new in Fuchsia development?

GDG Barcelona
Wed, Jun 5, 2019, 6:30 PM (CEST)

About this event

Fuchsia is an experiment. Not a replacement for Android and ChromeOS. Says the Android and ChromeOS boss :) While this might be true, the Fuchsia repository and other data we gathered might point in a slightly different direction. Are you curious on what's being happening in the last month regarding the development of this new OS... sorry, experiment? This is the agenda por this meetup:

18:30 - La Previa: come, have a drink and let's talk about "experiments" while we wait for everybody to arrive

19:00 - What's new in Fuchsia development?
* What actually Hiroshi Lockheimer told us regarding Fuchsia experiments
* Experimenting Fuchsia in the Android Emulator
* Latest hardwares being used (for experiments, of course)
* Providers: the history of the experiment that graduated to the Flutter ecosystem
* Fuchsia at I/O: experimental hoodies and photos with celebrities, and other interesting anecdotes from Fuchsia engineers

19:40 - What's next for Fuchsia Meetups?

19:45 - Pizzaworking

20:15 - The last one closes the bar: for those that want to continue engaging with the community, we will go to a near bar to have some drinks

See you soon!


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