Introduction to Android App Security

GDG Barcelona
Wed, Oct 16, 2019, 6:30 PM (CEST)

About this event

This time we have Marc Obrador, who is coming to tell us about Android security. You can find more details about the talk and Marc below. Bear in mind that this event will be in English, and the agenda is the following one:

18:30 - Arrival, drinks & networking
18:50 - Kahoot! game with prizes!*
19:00 - The talk starts
19:45 - Pizza, drinks, networking and Q&A with the speaker
20:30 - We leave the offices and those that would like to continue can do it at La Penúltima del Clot

** Description **

In this talk we will cover the basics of Android App Security. We will first start with an introduction and motivation, talking about why do you need to care about app security, what are the important things to protect, and try to understand the motivation an attacker might have to hack your application. After that we will move on to more technical details, and we will cover the things you (as a developer) can do to protect your applications against the most common security threads. This includes secure networking, user data protection, root detection (and understanding the effects of a rooted device), IP protection, etc.

** About Marc **

Marc Obrado Sureda is Head of Product Architecture @ Build38. He is a passionate of mobile app development and IT security, and has been lucky enough to combine both of them in my daily job for the past 6 years. Currently he's working at Build38, where we develop tools that enable mobile app developers to build their dream apps in a secure manner.

* Wallapop sponsors the Kahoot! where you can gain several prizes, including one book from their curated Must Read list of engineering books (including but no limited to Clean Code, Refactoring, Enterprise Architecture Patterns and Implementing Domain Driven Design)


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