Flutter for the Androids!

GDG Barcelona
Thu, Dec 20, 2018, 6:30 PM (CET)

About this event

Flutter, Google's latest framework for creating mobile multiplatform projects, has reached stable version 1.0 only a few days ago. Moreover, there are projects to compile Flutter apps for Windows, Linux, MacOS, Raspberry Pi, and even for the Web! It's not anymore just Android and iOS. During this session, we will focus on why Android developers should care about Flutter and how it could enhance their projects, either new projects or existing ones.

For this session we will have 4 lightning talks that will cover the following areas:

- Layout basics: Joan Fuentes will talk about how you create UIs with Flutter, when you come from the Android world. What's the equivalent to a RecyclerView? Are there support libraries? Why there's no MATCH_PARENT?

- Inside Flutter: Mishel Vera will explain the inner workings of Flutter, and why it's so radically different from the Android SDK when it comes to rendering the UI. You'll learn why you don't need to care about recycling cells in a ListView.

- Beyond Android: Xavier Rigau will delight us with the world of possibilities that Flutter opens to us, that were impossible before (or just "too much work for the very few time we have to develop that feature"). Don't fear designers crazy ideas anymore!

- Together with Android: Ok, but we still have a base code in Kotlin/Java with bazillions of Android SDK lines of code. How amazing would it be if we could add Flutter on top of all that work? That's exactly what Rubén Serrano will tell us in this last talk.

At the end of the talk, for those that want to go further with Flutter, we'll show where you can find learning materials including a workshop we will run on January at the GDG. And we will reveal a special surprise event at the end.

You can't miss the last Flutter event of this year!


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