Advanced patterns in Angular & RxJS - Operating heavily dynamic UI's with RxJS

GDG Barcelona
Mon, Oct 14, 2019, 6:30 PM (CEST)

About this event

Michael Hladky is going to give a talk about how RxJS serves a very elegant way to compose events and async actions, make your code more robust and extensible. Bear in mind that this event will be in English, and the agenda is the following one:

18:30 - Arrival, drinks & networking
18:50 - Kahoot! game with prizes!*
19:00 - The talk starts
19:45 - Pizza, drinks, networking and Q&A with the speaker
20:30 - We leave the offices and those that would like to continue can do it at La Penúltima del Clot

** Description **

The web changed a lot in the past years, more and more applications provide UI’s that are heavily interactive and often also include some background tasks.

In comparison to the past years, frontend developers have to deal with new architectural problems and challenges.
Not only things like a service layer and MVC found it’s way into the frontend but also database-like structures have to be managed, updated and read from.

Especially managing data structures is one of the harder problems.
Learn the theory and praxis of Event-Sourcing and CQRS and, as crazy as it sounds, apply it in the front end.
In the end we will combine the above architectures with the facade pattern nad make our code more testable, readable, stable and scalable.
Leverage the power of reactive programming and implement the above architectures in a real live example.

** Outcome **

In a live-coding session we will learn:
• the theory of CQRS and Event-Sourcing
• how to implement CQRS and Event-Sourcing in the frontend
• orchestrate rendering and UI interaction
• why to tread rendering and UI interaction different
• dynamically compose event patterns
• optimize performance

** About Michael **

Michael is located in Vienna, Austria. He is a certified GoogleDeveloperExpert, trainer, developer, and consultant in frontend development with a focus on Angular, RxJS, Typescript and Ionic.
His higher goal is to change the way how the current industry is approaching knowledge, learning, and education. Therefore he develops unique approaches in teaching software development and team culture.
As an active community member, he is the organizer and founder of: Angular Vienna and NestJS Vienna as well as the founder and leading head of Angular Austria, a non-profit association to support Angular.
Furthermore, he is cooperating with several events and conferences in IT. As former Head Of Program at WeAreDevelopers, he was responsible for the conference content, speaker evaluation, moderation and stage concepts for one of the biggest IT-Congresses in Europe. Michael is part of the advisory board of EnterJS and helps to create a high-quality lineup for the conference as well as to make sure the invited speakers, sponsors and attendees have an amazing time at the event. For the Austrian open source award openminds he evaluates projects and ideas as part of the jury.

* Wallapop sponsors the Kahoot! where you can gain several prizes, including one book from their curated Must Read list of engineering books (including but no limited to Clean Code, Refactoring, Enterprise Architecture Patterns and Implementing Domain Driven Design)


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