Intro to Intro to Machine Learning with TensorFlow pt. 1 (not a typo)

GDG Toronto
Wed, Dec 6, 2017, 7:00 PM (EST)

About this event

Here are the full details for the upcoming Intro / Workshop

## Agenda

• 6:30pm - doors open

• 7:00pm - Start time: Intro to Machine Learning - a Short Discussion

• 7:30pm - Building and Running a TensorFlow project

• a guided programming exercise and activity

• We will be focusing on a Machine Learning activity in Regression

• 8:45pm – Wrap-up and next steps

• 9:00pm – Good night!

## Experience Required

Attendees should:

• have some experience programming, and with general programming concepts

• have some experience running commands from Terminal or Command Prompt

For instance, in working with our Workshop Leads to prepare for this event, the following sentence was said: "We will be working with lots of arrays."

If that sentence does not worry you, you should be fine.

### **NOTE**

If you are excited about Machine Learning but have not had any experience with programming yet, please let somebody else make use of your RSVP for this workshop.

We will be putting together content for those of you who may be interested in developing core programming ability in the upcoming months!

## Hardware Required

Participants will require a Laptop.

Your choice of Operating System.

The installations listed here are what you will require on your machine for your Operating System:

### Specifically, note the requirements for

• Python (our recommendation is Python version 3.5)
• TensorFlow
• install matplotlib - (pip install matplotlib)
• install jupyter - (pip install jupyter)

Please come with these programs already installed on your machine in a way that you know you are able to run it

We will not have time to help people get their computers set up.

## The FAQ Section

### - How can I know for sure if I am ready to take this workshop?

• If you have some experience programming (not necessarily Python - maybe JavaScript, Ruby, PHP or any other language)

• If you feel confident in your ability to follow along with a coding exercise

• If you can follow this Get Started with TensorFlow reference:

All the way down to this step:

Then you should be good to go for sure

### - I am not sure if I am going to make it to the workshop

Because there are so many people on the waiting list, please confirm your RSVP by Sunday night if possible.

Individuals who RSVP but do not attend the workshop will be blocked from RSVPing for future events.

### - These workshop requirements are new. I really wanted to learn about Machine Learning, but I do not have any programming experience. What can I do?

In this situation, we recommend you let somebody else make use of your RSVP for now.

We will be having events in the future to help people get ramped up to be able to take part in an event such as this!

### - I am going to be running late for the event. Can I still come?


Please let somebody else from the RSVP list take your spot this time around

### - I really wanted to attend this workshop. I am on the waiting list, but I doubt I am going to make it on to the RSVP. Will you run this workshop again?

We had no idea there was this much interest in an event like this. If everything goes great, we will run it again!


Let us know if you have any questions at all!

See you soon -

The GDG Toronto Team