Supercharge Your Functional Tests and WebNFC

GDG Silicon Valley
Wed, Jul 11, 2018, 7:00 PM (PDT)

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6:00-6:50pm Networking and light food

7:00-7:40pm Supercharge Your Functional Tests with Visual Powers in 8 Lines of Code (Eran Barlev)

Abstract: So you’ve automated your regression tests using Selenium, Casper, or any other automation tools that are out there. Your functional tests are great at testing *functionality*, but do they check how good the application looks? Do they check that the submit button is aligned with the edit box? Do they check that the background color is that perfect shade of pale? Nope. They check what is *in* that input field, and they even change the text and submit the form, but they don’t check how that form *looks* like.

What if I told you that in less than 10 lines of code added to your *existing* tests, you can add vision to your existing tests, and check how the application looks – how the form looks like, and not just how it behaves. Moreover, once you have added vision to your existing tests, you can supercharge your existing functional checks and just check the whole page in one big assertion.

In this talk, I will take existing functional tests written in JavaScript and Java, and add visual testing capabilities to them. I promise – in just 8 lines of code!

Eran Barlev: a Technical Solution Engineer at Applitools, is a Software Engineer at heart with over 20 years of experience working primarily in compiled languages. He is the Founder of the Canadian Software Testing Board ( and an active member of the ISTQB ( - International Software Testing Qualifications Board). His true passion is automation and being able to automate visual testing of web, app and desktop application made his current position at Applitools a dream job.

7:50-8.30pm - The case for (more) connectivity (Justin Ribero)

With 25 billion Near Field Communication (NFC) tags in the world and the ongoing expansion of connectivity on the web platform, what does an API like WebNFC bring to the web development experience? In this talk Justin Ribeiro explores what NFC is, how previous attempts at NFC connectivity on the web looked like, and what the Web NFC API behind a flag in today's Chrome allows you accomplish.

Justin Ribeiro is a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies, IoT, and Wearables. Justin can be found co-hosting The Web Platform Podcast, operating Stickman Ventures Inc, helping mentor developers and startups with Google Developers, and building software for the web and beyond on a daily basis.


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