PWAs, Web Components, Angular Updates, Perfume.js: Co-Hosts Modern Web & Angular

GDG Silicon Valley
Tue, Oct 9, 2018, 6:30 PM (PDT)

About this event

Come join us for our next Modern Web event cohosted with Angular MTV and Modern Web

Featured Talks:

State of Angular
Speaker: Igor Minar - Angular Core Team

Beyond The Lab: Making User Data Work For You
Speaker: Leonardo Zizzamia, Co-Founder at Plan, GDE in Web Technologies

Performance is a key part of designing a seamless User Experience, and too many apps are forgetting the most important part of the equation: Real User Measurement (RUM).
But what actually is RUM, and why is it important? This talk will examine how client-side API’s work and how we can use Perfume.js combined with Angular decorators, to unlock and capture the full performance potential of real-world users.

Hands-on with PWA and Web Components
Speaker: Marcus Hellberg, Lead Developer Advocate at Vaadin

The web is turning into an application platform. Web Components give us a way of defining reusable UI components. Progressive Web Applications improve performance in poor network conditions. You can install them on your phone and they can send you notifications of important events.

In this presentation, we'll learn the basics of Web Components and Progressive Web Applications by building a small application from scratch. After the presentation, you will have the skills needed to get started working on your own PWA.


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